Original release date: October 1992
Produced by: Wally Wilson and Kenny Greenberg
Album cover design by: Tom Dolan
Album cover art direction by: Mick Haggerty
Album cover photography by: Melanie Nissen
Additional musicians and vocalists: Greg Barnhill, Richard Bennett, Ashley Cleveland, Chad Cromwell, Jerry Douglas, Carl Gorodetzky, Kenny Greenberg, Vicki Hampton, Mike Lawler, Bob Mason, Edgar Meyer, Jonell Mosser, Steve Nathan, Cyndi Richardson, Tom Roady, Chris Rodriguez, Pam Sixfin, James Stroud, Marcos Suzano, Willie Weeks, Kristen Wilkenson, Wally Wilson, Glen Worf
Issued on cassette tape: Virgin Records 86458-4
Issued on CD: Virgin Records 86458-2
Re-issued in 1996 on CD: Guardian Records 54615

Track List:
Play Me Backwards (J. Baez, W. Wilson, K. Greenberg, K. O'Connor)
Amsterdam (J. Ian, B. Mondlock)
Isaac & Abraham (J. Baez, W. Wilson, K. Greenberg)
Stones In The Road (M. C. Carpenter)
Steal Across The Border (R. Davies)
I'm With You (J. Baez, W. Wilson, K. Greenberg, P. Bunch)
Strange Rivers (J. Stewart)
Through Your Hands (J. Hiatt)
The Dream Song (J. Baez, R. Davies)
Edge Of Glory (J. Baez, W. Wilson, K. Greenberg, K. O'Connor)

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