No Woman, No Cry NO WOMAN, NO CRY

Original release date: April 1992
Tracks produced by: Alan Abrahams, Paul Simon
Album cover photography by: Matthew Rolston
Issued on cassette tape: Laserlight Records 79-450
Issued on CD: Laserlight Records 15-450

Track List:
No Woman, No Cry (V. Ford)
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (J. Webb)
Carrickfergus (V. Morrison, P. Moloney)
El Preso Numero Nueve (H. Cantoral)
Famous Blue Raincoat (L. Cohen)
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (D. Penn, C. Moman)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)
Hand To Mouth (G. Michael)
No Nos Moveran (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)
Rambler Gambler (traditional, arr. by P. Simon)
Whispering Bells (C. E. Quick, F. Lowry)

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