Original release date: 1983
Produced by: Gerard Tempesti for LTD
Arranged by: Marc Lonchampt
Album cover artwork: Jean Felix Galleti
Album photography by: X
Additional musicians: Charlie Cohen, J. Jacques Generarle, Marc Lonchampt, Yves Sanat
Issued on French vinyl: Ariola/Arabella 203331
Issued on Canadian vinyl: Gamma GS-262
Issued belle 403331ssette: Ariola/Arabelle 403331
Issued on French CD: Ariola 610186-880
Re-issued in 1993 on Australian CD: Festival D-19715

Track List:
Farewell, Angelina (B. Dylan)
Warriors Of The Sun (J. Baez)
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (B. Dylan)
Lady Di And I (J. Baez)
Prendre Un Enfant (Y. Duteil)
A Tous Les Enfants (B. Vian, C. Vence)
Children Of The Eighties (J. Baez)
The Love Inside (B. Gibb)
Me And Bobby McGee (K. Kristofferson, F. Foster)
No Woman, No Cry (V. Ford)
Imagine (J. Lennon)
Jaria Hamuda (A. Hamza)
Here's To You (J. Baez, E. Morricone)
The Land Of A Thousand Dances (A. Domino, C. Kenner)

This recording was also issued on German vinyl: Ariola 205-742-320
Issued on German cassette: Ariola 405-742-320
Issued on German CD: Ariola 610586-222
Track List
Same as above, except these versions substitute the following songs in German for the French ones above:
Wozu Sind Kriege Da (U. Lindenberg)
Wenn Unsere Bruder Kommen (K. Wecker)

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