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Joan Baez Joan Baez
Original cover (1960) Reissue cover (2001)


Original release: October 1960
Reissue release: 2001

Produced by: Maynard Solomon
Reissue produced by: Mark Spector
Reissue engineered by: Jeff Zaraya from the original analog tapes, converted
to a 20-bit digital audio using the DCS 904. Sonic Solutions software was
used to process the digital audio. The bass that was rolled off the original
vinyl release as been restored. Final CD was turbo bit mapped.

Additional musician: Fred Hellerman

Album cover design by: Jules Halfant
Album cover photography by: Rick Stafford
Reissue art direction and design: Norman Moore/DesignArt
Reissue cover photo courtesy of Joan Baez
Creative Services: Georgette Cartwright

Liner notes by: Maynard Solomon
Reissue liner notes by: Arthur Levy

Issued on mono vinyl: Vanguard VRS-9078
Issued on stereo vinyl: Vanguard VSD-2077 and Vanguard VSD-79078
Issued on reel to reel tape: Vanguard VTC-1635
Issued on 8-track tape: Vanguard M-81635
Issued on cassette tape: Vanguard CV-81635 and Vanguard CV-2077
Issued on CD: Vanguard VMD-2077
Issued on UK mono vinyl: Fontana TFL-6002
Issued on UK stereo vinyl: Fontana STFL-6002
Issued on Japanese CD: Vanguard (King) KICP-2514 (contains 9 additional bonus Vanguard songs)
Issued on CD (Original Master Series): Vanguard 79594-2

Track List:
Silver Dagger (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
East Virginia (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles) (D. Gude)
House Of The Rising Sun (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
All My Trials (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Wildwood Flower (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Donna Donna (A. Zeitlin, S. Secunda, A. Keuess, T. Schwartz)
John Riley (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Rake And Rambling Boy (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Little Moses (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Mary Hamilton (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
Henry Martin (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
El Preso Numero Nueve (H. Cantorell)
* Girl of Constant Sorrow (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
* I Know You Rider (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)
* John Riley (traditional, arranged by J. Baez)

* Reissue bonus tracks

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