Original release date: July 1979
Produced by: Barry Beckett
Album cover design by: Nancy Donald
Album cover photography by: Josef Karsh
Additional musicians and vocalists: Hill Abrahams, Ava Aldridge, Barry
Beckett, Larry Byrom, Pete Carr, James Crozier, Roger Hawkins, David Hood, George Jackson, Jimmy Johnson, Lenny LeBlanc, Mac McAnally, Charlie McCoy, Cindy Richardson, George Soule, Eddie Struzick, Marie Tomlinson
Issued on stereo vinyl: Portrait JR-35766
Issued on cassette tape: Portrait JRT-35766
Issued on CD: Epic Records EK-35766

Track List:
Let Your Love Flow (L. E. Williams)
No Woman, No Cry (V. Ford)
Light A Light (J. Ian)
The Song At The End Of The Movie (P. Pettis)
Before The Deluge (J. Browne)
Honst Lullaby (J. Baez)
Michael (J. Baez)
For Sasha (J. Baez)
For All We Know (S. M. Lewis, J. F. Coots)
Free At Last (J. Baez, G. H. Jackson)

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