Original release date: November 1976
Produced by: David Kershenbaum
Executive produced by: Bernard Gelb
Album cover design by: Chuck Beeson
Album cover art direction by: Roland Young
Album cover photography by: Johanna Van Zantwyk
Liner notes by: Joan Baez
Additional musicians and vocalists: Malcolm Cecil, Duck Dunn, Jesse Ehrlich, Jim Gordon, Ray Kelly, Larry Knechtel, Dean Parks, Sid Sharp
Issued on stereo vinyl: A&M Records SP-4603
Issued on stereo vinyl special edition: A&M Records SP-4943
Issued on 8-track tape: A&M Records 8T-4603
Issued on cassette tape: A&M Records CS-4603
Issued on German CD: A&M Records 394603-2
Issued on Japanese vinyl: A&M Records GP-2020

Track List:
Sweeter For Me (J. Baez)
Seabirds (J. Baez)
Caruso (J. Baez)
Still Waters At Night (J. Baez)
Kingdom Of Childhood (J. Baez)
O Brother! (J. Baez)
Time Is Passing Us By (J. Baez)
Stephanie's Room (J. Baez)
Gulf Winds (J. Baez)

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