Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square FOLKSINGERS 'ROUND HARVARD SQUARE
(Joan Baez, Ted Alevizos, Bill Wood)

Original release date: 1959
Produced by: Lemuel Marshall Wells
Recorded by: Stephen Fassett in Boston, May 1959
Album cover design by: Peter Robinson
Liner notes by: Manny Greenhill
Issued on mono vinyl: Veritas XTV-62202/3
Re-issued in 1963 as "The Best of Joan Baez" (excluding "Le Chavel Dans La Beignoire," "Bold Soldier," "Rejected Lover," and "Lass From The Low Country") as follows:
Re-issued on mono vinyl: Squire SQ-33001
Re-issued on electronic stereo vinyl: Squire SSQ-33001
Re-issued on 8-track: Squire/Roulette 8045-33001
Re-issued on budget label vinyl: Emus ES-12001
Re-issued on budget label on electronic stereo vinyl: Emus ES-12001
Re-issued on French vinyl: Vouge CLVLXR-216
Re-issued on German vinyl: Bellaphon BI-1544
Re-issued on UK vinyl: SAGA EROS 8075 (features ONLY the Joan Baez cuts)

Track List:
Banks Of The Ohio (traditional) (Joan Baez)
O What A Beautiful City (traditional) (Joan Baez)
Sail Away Ladies (traditional) (Joan Baez)
Black Is The Color (traditional) (Joan Baez)
Lowlands (traditional) (Joan Baez)
What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby (traditional) (Joan Baez)
Kitty (traditional) (Joan Baez and Bill Wood)
So Soon In The Morning (traditional) (Joan Baez and Bill Wood)
Careless Love (traditional) (Joan Baez and Bill Wood)
Le Cheval Dans La Beignoire (Horse In The Bathtub) (traditional) (Bill Wood)
John Henry (traditional) (Bill Wood)
Travelin' Shoes (traditional) (Bill Wood)
Bold Soldier (traditional) (Bill Wood)
Walie Walie (traditional) (Ted Alevizos)
Rejected Lover (traditional) (Ted Alevizos)
Astrapsen (The Sun Is Risen) (traditional) (Ted Alevizos)
Lass From The Low Country (traditional) (Ted Alevizos)
Don't Weep After Me (traditional) (Ted Alevizos, Joan Baez and Bill Wood)

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