Original Soundtrack Recording
Original release date: December 1971
Film produced by: Christopher Knight for the New Film Company, in association with Folklore Productions
Additional musicians and vocalists: Richard Festinger, David Harris,
Jeffrey Shurtleff
Issued on stereo vinyl: Vanguard VSD-79313
Issued on reel to reel tape: Vanguard VTC-79313
Issued on 8-track tape: Vanguard J-79313
Issued on cassette tape: Vanguard CV-79313
Issued on CD: Vanguard VCD-79313

Track List:
Oh, Happy Day (E. Hawkins)
Carry It on (G. Turner)
In Forty Days (spoken word) (J. Baez, D. Harris)
Hickory Wind (B. Bucannan, G. Parsons)
The Last Thing On My Mind (T. Paxton)
Life Is Sacred (spoken word) (D. Harris)
Joe Hill (A. Hayes, E. Robinson)
I Shall Be Released (B. Dylan)
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (L. Moman, D. Penn)
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word (B. Dylan)
Suzanne (L. Cohen)
Idols and Heroes (spoken word) (D. Harris)
We Shall Overcome (G. Carawan, Hamilton, Z. Horton, P. Seeger)

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