Original release date: May 1972
Produced by: Joan Baez
Co-produced by: Norbert Putnam
Additional musicians: Stuart Basore, David Briggs, Kenneth Buttrey, Grady Martin, Charlie McCoy, Farrell Morris, Welldon Myrick, Norbert
Putnam, Glen Spreen, Pete Wade, John Buck Wilkin
Album cover art direction by: Roland Young
Album cover design by: Chuck Beeson
Album front cover photography by: Bob Fitch
Album back cover photography by: Jim McCrary
Liner notes by: Joan Baez
Issued on stereo vinyl: A&M Records SP-4339 and A&M Records SP-3103
Issued on quadrophonic vinyl: A&M Records QU-54339
Issued on 8-track tape: A&M Records 8T-4339
Issued on quadrophonic 8-track tape: A&M Records 8Q-54339
Issued on cassette tape: A&M Records CS-4339 and A&M Records CS-3103
Issued on CD: A&M Records CD-3103
Issued on Japanese vinyl: A&M Records AML-134

Track List:
Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose) (J. Baez)
Rainbow Road (D. Fritts, D. Penn)
Love Song To A Stranger (J. Baez)
Myths (J. Baez)
In The Quiet Morning (M. Farina)
All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth (People's Union #1) (J. Baez)
To Bobby (J. Baez)
Song Of Bangladesh (J. Baez)
A Stranger In My Place (K. Rogers, K. Vassy)
Tumbleweed (D. Van Arsdale)
The Partisan (A. Marly, H. Zaret)
Imagine (J. Lennon)

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