Blowin' Away BLOWIN' AWAY

Original release date: June 1977
Produced by: David Kershenbaum
Executive produced by: Bernard Gelb
Album cover design by: John Berg
Album cover photography by: Kim Schilling
Liner notes by: Michael Gershman
Insert illustration by: Joan Baez
Additional musicians and vocalists: Jeff Baxter, Mike Botts, Malcolm Cecil, Duck Dunn, Wilton Felder, Jim Gordon, Larry Knechtel, David Mansfield, Dean Parks, Elliott Randall, Joe Sample, Tom Scott, Rick Shlosser
Issued on stereo vinyl: Portrait PR-34697
Issued on quadrophonic vinyl: Portrait PRQ-34697
Issued on cassette tape: Portrait PRT-34697
Issued on CD: Epic Records EK-34697

Track List:
Sailing (G. Sutherland)
Many A Mile To Freedom (A. Capaldi, S. Winwood)
Miracles (J. Baez)
Yellow Coat (S. Goodman)
Time Rag (J. Baez)
A Heartfelt Line Or Two (J. Baez)
I'm Blowin' Away (E. Kaz)
Luba The Baroness (J. Baez)
The Altar Boy And The Thief (J. Baez)
Cry Me A River (A. Hamilton)

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